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Providing a Comprehensive Path For Your Real Estate Project, Leaving No Stone Unturned

At Milestone, we partner with you to achieve your organization’s goals when real estate is part of the solution. Maybe you don’t have the expertise on your internal team or need additional resources or a fresh perspective. We collaborate with other advisors, consultants, and your internal staff to bring your project from conception to reality.

Serving the Minneapolis – Saint Paul Metro Area & Communities Throughout Minnesota

Why Choose Us?

Project Management Expertise

We connect the dots, so all of your project staff and consultants focus on the same goals.


We have the connections you need for a successful real estate project.


We understand the social, environmental, and economic factors in green buildings and operations.


Owner's Representation

Partner with real estate expertise to support your mission

Perhaps you are searching for a new or different space for your organization. Milestone can help manage the project details, so you remain focused on what you do best. We create a specific plan to manage all elements to achieve your real estate goals from concept to final product, whether you lease, buy, renovate, or sell.

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Homeowners Associations

Your HOA Partner

Do you manage a Homeowner Association, or are you an HOA board member? We can implement capital projects with you, help your Board run smoothly, and provide a fresh perspective.

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Find the right real estate solution

Let our experience help guide you to your next project milestone.